The farm-house

The structure was restored from an old farmhouse dating back to 1781. Together with some old warehouses, storerooms and big stables, it represents a typical Sicilian architecture known as “baglio” (from the Arabic, meaning: closed structure with a courtyard inside). There are 27 rooms, all with veranda and private entrance.

The oldest olive tree in the whole complex (dated about 400 years) partly overshadows our large swimming pool, which is set within the “Latomie” from which grow wild capers and cactus fruit.

The complex has 2 restaurants (including outdoor) where you can enjoy a vacation spent in harmony with nature.

Being just along the highway that leads to Selinunte, this is the ideal place where small and large tourist groups can stop for lunch and has the capacity to offer convenient parking for several buses.

We also welcome caravans for which the parking and stopping price is set according to the circumstances.