Selinunte: Temples and Sea

Selinunte extends along a coastline of golden sand and overlooks a bay located between the mouth of the river "Selinon" (today Modione) and the mouth of the river Belice.

Today Marinella di Selinunte is a seaside resort with pristine beaches and clear, inviting sea. There are several attractive features of the small fishing village. The selling of fresh fish, which takes place every morning as soon as the boats arrive; the artistic programmes of various productions (concerts, festivals, theatrical performances) that culminate in the festival of the "Madonna" which happens in the last weekend of August; the Greek Archaeological Park, largest in Europe (Temples, Shrines, Acropolis and Necropolis of the fourth and fifth centuries BC), and the natural reserve of the river Belice, where every year the species of sea turtle "Caretta - Caretta " deposit their eggs.

The beautiful beaches are all equipped with services and they are all in stunning locations: under the Acropolis crowned by the Temple of Hera, inside the natural reserve a few metres away from the river Belice and next to the bay where the lively Piazza “Scalo di Bruca” can be found.