Typical Products

Our guests can taste and buy most of the local typical products: cheeses, cold meats, black bread of Castelvetrano, jams and jellies, dried tomatoes, seasoned olives, aubergine caponata, pate’ of black and green olives, freshly-picked citrus fruits, figs and cactus fruit (“fichi d’india”), various vegetables, capers and of course our organic olive oil.

Our”treasure”, the oil:
We could not have given a more appropriate adjective to such a precious product, fruit of the earth, but also of the constant diligence of human labour. Olive oil, a typical product of the Mediterranean region, has found its place in Sicily. Especially in the Valle del Belice, cultivation reaches the highest concentration in the island thanks to a mild climate and cultural conditions that make the province of Trapani one of the best in the world for the production of oil.

“Vastedda” of the Belice Valley:
Historically this cheese was produced by the skilled cheese-makers of the Belice Valley in the summer, trying to recover pecorino cheese that had defects. The name derives from the dialect "vasta", that means gone bad. The extraordinarily original idea was to rework pecorino cheese which had been managed poorly, making it melt at high temperature and thus create that typical cheese of oval shape that must be consumed fresh or at most within 3 days from production.

IThe “black bread” of Castelvetrano:
This particular bread takes its name from the rare "Timilia" variety of wheat that makes it black. This bread is very tasty and remains soft for several days; for this reason, the housewives in the summer-time preferred to bake with flour "Tumminia" obtained from "Timilia”. Before baking the dough, it should rise for a long time. It is necessary to bake the bread when the oven temperature is very high, but being careful not to expose it directly to the strength of the fire. The bread is ready when the oven has completely cooled down.