Wellness Centre

Our body is without a doubt very precious and is the symbol of our own identity much more than you might think...

More time for yourself, great attention to fitness and food, care of the self...

These are the essential concepts embodied in the word wellness, a philosophy based on the rediscovery of body and mind in order to find a regenerated energy and therefore a better quality of life.

We are increasingly targeting the new trends of the moment. Qualified staff will assist you by using high-quality modern equipment, effective and innovative products, refresher courses and much much passion to treat yourself like a dream.


Advance booking prior to arrival is recommended for all massages.

Please refer to the front desk to make a reservation.

Customers are requested to strictly follow the agreed times.

Any delay may decrease the duration of the treatment.

A wellness kit including a towel and a pair of disposable slippers will be provided at the entrance.

Customers must bring their own bathing suits.

Half Day

Wellness program + relaxation massage 25 minutes

Relaxing zone with herbal tea

Room available from 15:00 to 20:00

Fruit and Sparkling wine

Wellness kit: towel + slippers

Price per couple€. 119,00

Full Day

Wellness program + relaxation massage 50 minutes

Relaxing zone with herbal tea +dinner (drinks not included)

Room available from 15:00 to 23:00

Fruit and Sparkling wine

Wellness kit: towel + slippers

Price per couple€. 199,00

Wellness Program

The wellness program includes use of Sauna, Turkish bath, Emotional showers, Jacuzzi and relaxation area with herbal tea.Cost   €. 20,00

Facials Treatments

Facial anti-aging treatmentCost   €. 50,00

Facial cleansing with specific treatment (60 min)Cost   €. 50,00

Body Treatments

Body PeelingCost   €. 30,00

Refreshing after sun treatment (25 min)Cost   €. 30,00

Waxing (partial)Cost   €. 20,00

Waxing ( total)Cost   €. 30,00

Hot Stone Massage

This relaxing and energizing massage is done with hot stones of different types (quartz, calcium, coal, gold and other minerals) and size. They are applied on strategic points of the body.

The hot stone massage helps loosen muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and relieve tension in the spine, the main cause of aches and debilitating back pain.

It decongests the lymphatic deposits, improves water retention and positively affects blood circulation.

It helps to detoxify the body and accelerates the metabolism.Cost   €. 45,00

Relaxing Massage 25 minutes

All movements of this massage aim to free the body from the negative effects of stress, stiffness and tension. Therefore, they are movements that give elongation, elasticity and flexibility to the body.Cost   €. 30,00 - Duration 25 minutes

Relaxing Massage 25 minutes

All movements of this massage aim to free the body from the negative effects of stress, stiffness and tension. Therefore, they are movements that give elongation, elasticity and flexibility to the body.Cost   €. 40,00 - Duration 50 minutes

Hay Relaxing Massage 50 minutes

Given the variety of active principles contained in the hay, the application of hay bags is recommended in cases of cellulite and muscle tension. During detox treatments of the renal area and abdomen these bags, due to their high content of healing herbs, create heat so as to increase the cells exchange and speed up the elimination of toxins. The bags s contain: dandelion, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, valerian, equisetum, sage, gentian, hypericum, mint, thyme, nettle, arnica and yarrow.
Cost   €. 50,00 - Duration 50 minutes

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic medicine is a combination between natural practices and philosophy that takes care of every disease by balancing the body physically, psychologically and spiritually; it also aims to restore energy to the body. The movements of this massage range from the center to the periphery and follow the course of the muscles (from head to chest to the navel, from the navel to the feet to the tips of the toes, from the shoulders to the arms to the tips of the fingers).
This massage, according to the principle of the three "dosha" (vital energy), is classified into three different types:
VATA: combining space (akasha) and air (vayu), is the principle of the movement, linked to anything that is movement inside the body (nervous system, breathing, circulation). Its main place is in the colon.
PITTA: consisting of fire (tejas) and water (jala), is the dosha related to the transformation, to the digestion in its physical aspect (stomach) and mental aspect (processing of emotions). Its main place is in the small intestine.
KAPHA: made of water (jala) and earth (prithvi), is the dosha related to cohesion, to keep together.Cost   €. 50,00

Shiatsu Massage

It is based on the theory that vital energy flows naturally along our body through specific pathways, called meridians that flow deep and on the surface, traveling together: Yin (runs deep and on the front surface with a kind of energy that goes upwards) and Yang (flowing superficially and on the back with a type of energy that goes downwards).
In the body, along the meridians, there are particular areas that thanks to the shiatsu massage can receive the energy and favour the reconstruction of the broken flow, restoring the balance. This massage is also very effective to prevent headaches, anxiety, depression and insomnia.Cost   €. 50,00 - Duration 50 minutes

Thai Massage

The Thai massage releases the energy, increases vascular activity and promotes the elimination of toxins. Highly recommended for problems such as neuralgia, lordosis and disorders related to depression, such as insomnia, it leaves the body relaxed and the mind ready, free from thoughts, improves the nervous system and relaxes the muscles.
Cost   €. 55,00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: The Vodder Method

The Vodder method consists of a gentle massage which acts directly on the lymph glands by stimulating them to drain, so as to improve and re-activate the lymphatic circulation, reduce swelling and edema to the upper and lower limbs and, in general, give a sensation of lightness to the whole body. The manoeuvers are very smooth and pressure is applied just on the surface, as it works on the lymphatic capillaries that are fragile, thin and have a rigid structure.Cost   €. 50,00

Anti-cellulite Massage 50 minutes

This massage, like all the massages with a slimming purpose, involves the microcirculation, the fat tissue and the connective fibers. The techniques used are: TOUCH, FRICTION, VIBRATION and KNEADING, which aim to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. It helps to relax the muscles, stimulates and accelerates the normal process of desquamation of the skin, opens the pores so to improve the elimination of toxins.
Cost   €. 45,00 - Duration 50 minutes

Mud Applications and Haemolymphatic Massage

Mud therapy takes advantage of the beneficial effects that the body derives from the application of mud. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness both short and long term, with reduction of the consumption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory remedies.
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are treated through mud therapy and, in particular, extra-articular rheumatism, the cervical and low back pain of rheumatic origin, osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions.Cost   €. 55,00